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What Do You Know About The Hair Extensions you buy?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Having the basic knowledge of the texture, length, and density of hair is great; however have you ever considered how your Hair extensions are produced?. Now! I placed something in your mind to consider. The hair company you buy hair from should have a brief description on the production of their products and where they are sourced from. Not all hair companies use the best techniques in their production such as cuticle check, color check, appearance inspection, drawing (single or double strand), diligent post-processed technique and quality control. On the other hand, some factories are not hygienically optimized which ends up having consumers suffer from allergic reactions. To name a few; itching, dermatitis and in rare cases life threatening allergies from chemicals used in production.

Raw Wonders Hair , over the years of establishment have stuck to 6 hair process techniques which is consistent and is proud to confirm that our hair are among the best on the market.

Hair Sourcing

We collect Raw hair from India and Europe which is strictly inspected by the raw base of the following:

Color authenticity : We carefully look for hair that " might " be pre-dyed but mostly pay attention to the natural states of the traits of grays, 1B ,and natural black.

Appearance Inspection: We check for the healthy silk with natural glossy sheen.

Cuticle Check : We look for cuticle smoothness usually going downward from roots and concentrate on the reverse of the hair when we move the hair in the opposite direction.

Washing and Sorting

The hair is soaked and washed to remove dust and to prevent tangling through a special shampoo and conditioning process. Its then air dried ,brushed and sorted base on lengths, texture, and color.

Bleaching Process

The process of bleaching hair is one of the prime factors that affects the result of dyeing. The demand for bleached hair is growing in the industry daily , therefore to please our customers we work with a well established distributor that focuses only on bleached hair. With their expertise, and bleaching skills we ensure that the integrity of the hair cuticles are intact , which is critical to the long-lasting durability of our finished hair products.

Inspecting Colors and Dyeing

Our advanced technique inspecting the wefts in their natural states before production makes it stand out with a glowing natural look.

After dyeing , the hair is washed few times to avoid fading and tangling. Color changes after each wash , to get the desired color we match the hair with a color ring to ensure the color accuracy is exact.


Before sewing , we draw the hair to equally align at the top. Hair is then sorted by lengths and color to manufacture of different grades. Raw Wonders only offer 9A and 10A.

The hair is carefully double sewed to ensure durability that causes little to no shedding.

Quality Control

Final inspection is performed after all production steps are completed. Finished products based on our well defined benchmarks, striving for perfection, at all production stages we check again. At this final stage we check for the following :

  • Color

  • Weight

  • Breakage

  • Lenghts

  • Testing heat application.

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