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How often should hair be washed?

Hair does not need to be washed every night. We recommend that washing hair every two weeks is sufficient and would maintain hair in its original form.



What is the length of Raw Wonders Hair extensions?

All Raw Wonder Hair extensions are offered in a standard 20 inch length. If you are looking for a shorter length, you’re always welcome to have your RWH cut or trimmed shorter by an experienced hair stylist since they are made of 100% remy human hair. If you decide to get them cut, we recommend having them already clipped into your hair during the haircut. I would also recommend coming up with a numbering system for the wefts, so that you know exactly where each weft is supposed to be clipped in for the future uses.



What length does RWH offer?

Our extensions vary from 14’’ to 40’’ based on the type of hair. If you are shopping for shorter lengths you may contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to place a special order for you.




What type of Closures does RWH offer?

See Shop Tab For Variety



What is the quality of Raw Wonders Hair extensions?

Raw Wonders Hair offers you luxurious, premium, and quality extensions. All of our extensions are unprocessed which we consider RAW




How are Raw Wonders Hair extensions different?

Raw Wonders Hair offers you luxurious, premium, and quality extensions. All of our extensions are unprocessed which we consider RAW. We offer Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian and Vietnamese hair with an exceptional  12A grading. Raw wonders wefts are all double stitched which allows minimal shedding. All our bundles weighs 100g or approximately 3.5 oz.  We only sell 100% natural human hair and promises our customers that we will abide by our name and stand for what it means RAW..



Do Raw Wonders Hair have a return policy or exchange policy?

Yes, please see the following question



How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Due to the nature of our business, we try to be as hygienically skeptical as much as possible therefore we DO NOT accept any items that have been tampered with, such as broken bundle ties, worn, washed, combed etc. If returned items appear as aforementioned all orders will be automatically voided. To process your returns please email or contact us at 732-708-3047 within 3 business days of delivery.



How long does shipping usually take?

Products are shipped approximately a day after orders are processed. Customers will receive a notification via email once orders are shipped. The approximate time for DOMESTIC deliveries varies from 2- 5 business days; INTERNATIONAL shipments delivery time is approximately 5-10 business days. During holidays and inclement weather deliveries may take longer than suggested commitment time. All customers will be notified of any delays. We are NOT responsible for any packages with a status of delivered. For international shipments, all orders are subjected to additional fees.



How may I contact you?

Feel free to email us at or contact us at (732) 708-3047



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